Receiving Materials

Incoming materials delivered both by rail and truck, are identified, checked and kept in our 5,000 m2 storage yard.

Metal Sheet

The shot blasting process is used to remove surface contaminants before the cutting and welding process.
At the end of the pre-blasting process, each individual plate is marked with a unique code to guarantee full traceability.

From Steel Plate
to Steel Construction

Our three (3) oxygen and plasma cutting machines are CAD-CAM controlled and equipped with variable bevel angle heads. The largest cutting table is 54 m long and 5,5 m wide with the ability to cut 200 mm thick steel plates.

4-Roll Plate Bending

Our advanced rolling equipment is capable of rolling plates of up to 100 mm thickness, with a maximum diameter of 6.5 m and a width of 3.0 m.

Welding Steel

The most modern welding technologies are used in combination with manipulators, guaranteeing that all welds are performed in the most optimal position.

Large CNC Machining Capabilities

Complex machining on supersized workpieces is our specialty.

State-of-the-art CNC machining centers enable us to machine large diameter bolted flanges as well as line-boring boom structures for large cranes.

Cleaning & Painting

Cleaning, blasting, metallizing and painting are carried out in a fully controlled environment with a total area of 5,000 m2.

Assembly & Storage

The complete process, from prefabrication up to the assembly of complex heavy steel structures where precision, safety, know-how and ergonomics are key, is where we excel.

E-Towers’ continuous focus on quality, traceability and efficiency makes it the ideal one-stop partner for steel structures, including the (pre) assembly and storage.

Dostawy materiału